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Posted So 21 Dez 2008 18:22:24 CET Tags:

I just discovered a gem in the watch(1) manpage:

   You can watch for your administrator to install the latest kernel with

          watch uname -r

   (Just kidding.)
Posted Mo 17 Nov 2008 21:48:51 CET Tags:

aus Wikipedia, der freien Enzyklopädie

Lutz Eberhard Heilmann (* 7. September 1966 in Zittau) ist ein deutscher Politiker (Die Linke). Heilmann ist der erste ehemalige hauptamtliche Mitarbeiter des Ministeriums für Staatssicherheit (MfS) der DDR, der in den Bundestag einzogen ist.[1]

Leben und Beruf

Nach dem Abitur 1985 an der EOS Zittau leistete Heilmann einen freiwillig von 18 Monate auf drei Jahre verlängerten Wehrdienst beim Ministerium für Staatssicherheit ab. Anschließend wurde Heilmann hauptamtlicher Mitarbeiter der dortigen Hauptabteilung Personenschutz. Heilmann wurde nach eigenen Angaben nur im Objektschutz staatlicher Einrichtungen eingesetzt. Im Oktober 1989 soll Heilmann nach eigenen Angaben ein Entlassungsgesuch eingereicht haben. Tatsächlich schied er erst im Januar 1990 aus dem Ministerium für Staatssicherheit aus, als dieses aufgelöst wurde.

1991 begann Heilmann ein Studium der Betriebswirtschaftslehre an der Technischen Hochschule Zittau. Ab 1992 absolvierte er ein Studium der Rechtswissenschaft an der FU Berlin und der Christian-Albrechts-Universität Kiel, welches er 2005 nach dem ersten juristischen Staatsexamen unterbrach, weil er in den Bundestag einzog. 2005 war er Rechtsreferendar in Lübeck.

Seit etwa 2006 lebt Heilmann bekennend schwul. Er gründete 2007 die Landesarbeitsgemeinschaft queer, eine Gruppe für Schwule, Lesben und transidentische Personen innerhalb der Linken in Schleswig-Holstein und engagierte sich auf Christopher-Street-Day-Veranstaltungen in verschiedenen Städten.

Politisches Wirken

Heilmann wurde 1986 Mitglied der SED. Nachdem er 1992 deren Nachfolgepartei PDS verlassen hatte, wurde er 2000 erneut PDS-Mitglied.[2] Von 2000 bis 2002 gehörte er dem Vorstand des PDS-Kreisverbandes Nordwestmecklenburg an.[3] 2004 baute Heilmann in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern eine ['solid]-Gruppe auf.

Seit 2005 ist Lutz Heilmann Mitglied des Deutschen Bundestages. Er ist als einziger Kandidat der Linken über die Landesliste Schleswig-Holstein in den Bundestag eingezogen.

Mitarbeiter des Ministeriums für Staatssicherheit

Im Oktober 2005 enthüllte Der Spiegel die von Heilmann bislang verschwiegene Stasi-Vergangenheit. Heilmann gibt bis heute öffentlich an, von 1985 bis 1990 einen „verlängerte[n] Wehrdienst (Personenschutz MfS)“ geleistet zu haben.[2] Heilmann war nach Ableisten der allgemeinen Wehrpflicht von 18 Monaten für die Zeit bis 1990 als Berufssoldat beim MfS beschäftigt und verließ dieses erst, als es aufgelöst wurde.[4]

Vor der Wahl hatte Heilmann den Mitgliedern des Landesverbandes seine Tätigkeit beim MfS verschwiegen. Dies stellte einen Verstoß gegen innerparteiliche Richtlinien dar. Auf dem Landesparteitag am 4. Dezember 2005 stimmten die Mitglieder des Landesverbandes Schleswig-Holstein über einen Misstrauensantrag gegen Heilmann ab. Das Ergebnis war 47 Stimmen für Heilmann zu 42 gegen ihn.[4] Heilmann ist seitdem innerhalb der Linken in Schleswig-Holstein umstritten.[5]



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Posted Sa 15 Nov 2008 18:48:10 CET Tags:

Following a mail from Becky Young I've updated bridgeblogging.com's URL and added about a dozen links to their individual blog feeds. The subscription list on bridge.df7cb.de has some 50 entries now. If your bridge (or bridge-related) blog is not included here, please drop me a mail. I've added their Mastering Bridge Blog for beginners, and Thomas Andrews' deal release blog, I hope the technical content doesn't disturb the otherwise "human" blogs too much.

On real-life bridge notes, I played my first German nationals last weekend. We finished 61st out of 94 pairs with 47.65% - could have been better, but given the number of tricks I wasted with bad defense, I'm not really unhappy. Smirnov - Piekarek won the first two sets by a comfortable margin, but 60.1% in the third set weren't enough as Elinescu - Wladow scored 73.1% there and finished first with 66.05%.

As 90 boards in two days aren't enough, we spent Sunday evening with another 32 boards to finish this year's round of league games. Our team did win all matches (this one 19:11 VP), but we are still only second in the overall scores.

Posted Mo 22 Sep 2008 21:41:43 CEST Tags:

There should be a law or something forbidding this:

Root> ^D
(nothing happens)
Root> quit
Error 234: Invalid command
Root> exit
Error 234: Invalid command
Root> logout
Connection to remote host closed.
Posted Di 26 Aug 2008 17:28:33 CEST Tags:


I have several packages to give away:

  • endeavour - file and disk management suite
  • avscan - GTK frontend for the Clam AntiVirus scanner (ClamAV)
  • cryopid - Dumps a process into a self-executing file
  • xar - eXtensible ARchiver
  • minimalist - MINImalistic MAiling LISTs manager
  • dtmfdial - DTMF Tone Dialer

If you are interested in taking any of these, please contact me.

The first three have open RC-bugs that need some attention, they have been orphaned for some weeks, with no takers. endeavour and avscan are already on the way to RM, if you are interested in these, speak up now.

Thanks :)

Posted Di 08 Jul 2008 09:31:55 CEST Tags:

when a connection is lagging, and I type /reconnect, please don't try to reconnect to the same IP in the rotation.

Thank you.

Posted So 29 Jun 2008 17:14:29 CEST Tags:

Imagine every Unix command would...

$ mysqladmin foo 2>&1 | hd
00000000  07 6d 79 73 71 6c 61 64  6d 69 6e 3a 20 63 6f 6e  |.mysqladmin: con|

... prepend ^G to its error messages.

Posted Mi 25 Jun 2008 16:55:13 CEST Tags:
$ perl -le 'print "yoo" if 1 + 1 =~ /3/'
Posted Mo 23 Jun 2008 17:26:33 CEST Tags:

19:19 <BTS> Closed #31581 in project by Christoph Berg (myon) «Time between releases is too long». http://bugs.debian.org/31581

Sounds like now I can claim I've fixed Debian all by myself.

Posted Fr 04 Apr 2008 19:24:06 CEST Tags:

I have a small set of config files and cfengine scripts that I want to deploy on every machine I own. Of course, the Debian way is to put them into a package, and install that. So far so good.

Problems arise when trying to maintain this package on several different $HOME directories - depending on where I am when I want a change. Using $vcs (svn in this case) works, but I'd also like source packages. Only that I occasionally forget where I put the repository. Or uploading new source packages is too tedious.

The later problem was solved by a cute combination of dput and reprepro. My .dput.cf has targets that rsync the package over to my server, and automatically install the packages into the repository there.

For the repository problem, Stefano Zacchiroli's debcheckout comes to the rescue. Vcs-Svn: in debian/control points to my svn+ssh:// repository. Instant "DWIM" checkouts! (To actually make this work, the latest cfengine tweaks add deb-src lines for my local repository that were previously missing.)

Posted Mo 24 Mär 2008 01:07:13 CET Tags:

In contrast to chess, there is very little free software for bridge players. Some deal generators have been around for years, but basically, that was all.

Nowadays major online bridge site is bridgebase.com. Their windows client actually runs quite well in cedega (and wine), with the notable exception that the built-in double dummy solver doesn't work there. (A double dummy solver is a program that computes the optimal line of play with all four hands open (both sides dummy), and hence can compute the theoretically optimal score for a given board.)

Furthermore, viewing records of played boards is a bit tedious as launching the viewer of course requires wine as well. Editing boards is not possible. This is where I started writing some perl scripts that would at least dump the board records as text files. At the same time I thought about doing something interesting with Gnome's glade UI builder. Over the past two years, I have been working on a GTK+ version of a bridge hand viewer and editor I called tenace.

When Bo Haglund released his double dummy solver library as GPL software, I packaged it for Debian and worked on integration into tenace. It will compute "best" cards to play, determine par scores.

Now tenace should be stable enough so I can risk announcing it to the world.

Coincidentally, the screenshot shows a board from last week's club championships. East can beat 3NT by returning a Spade, but at my table they didn't and so the board became my first squeeze hand :)

Posted Sa 22 Mär 2008 01:59:59 CET Tags:

Definition: A system's cruftiness is the number of "apt-get remove `deborphan`" invocations needed to clean up.

Posted Fr 14 Mär 2008 14:37:29 CET Tags:

Soon after Bernd Zeimetz joined our company, he infected me with the geocaching virus. In the meantime, I bought a GPS receiver, and am now endeavoring around the town and the nearby woods, searching for caches.

There's not that much free GPS and/or geocaching software around. gpsd works quite well, but I don't take my computer to the woods ;) Viking is very nice for visualizing waypoints and sorting them in categories, but is still somewhere between alpha and beta state. gpsbabel reads and writes a zillion different file format and talks to a vast array of receivers, but often needs several attempts to upload data to mine. Things are moving fast though and the GPS community looks active.

Last week I started looking into OpenStreetMap and already added a few roads in my neighborhood. Compared to commercial maps, there's still much to do, especially for smaller tracks and features like foot bridges or woods outside bigger cities. I'll keep collecting GPS data :) For the free software side, neither OSM's online editor worked here (flash), nor the recommended tool for local use (java), so I tried merkaartor (qt4) which works nicely. It also has some bugs, but feels very usable (though sometimes slow). Starting from upstream's debian/ dir, building packages was straightforward, and after some more editing, packages are now in unstable. (The svn repository is in collab-maint, contributors welcome.)

Posted So 02 Mär 2008 18:37:58 CET Tags:

Wanted: a device that will rewind time, turn off greylisting in my mail server, wait for the other side send the mail, and then resume business as before.

Posted Fr 22 Feb 2008 23:07:13 CET Tags:

Set dpkg options: -o DPkg::Options::=--force-confmiss

Turn off apt key verification: -o Apt::Get::AllowUnauthenticated=true

Posted Mi 06 Feb 2008 13:46:09 CET Tags:

Best(*) Firefox extension ever: Long Titles

(Spotted on http://xkcd.org/about/)

(*) PS: Of course Open in browser and Generic URL creator are also way cool.

Posted Di 05 Feb 2008 12:20:31 CET Tags:

Posted So 27 Jan 2008 18:33:09 CET Tags:
Posted So 27 Jan 2008 18:33:09 CET

After a bit over half a year of having moved, I finally took the opportunity to play real-life Bridge here. Thanks to BBO, a partner was found surprisingly fast, and even we knew each other from the juniors bridge camp at Rieneck, but we were unsure who actually the other one was from the folks there. So, the evening started with a friendly "Oh, you are Christoph :)" at the entrance.

Bridge-wise the event wasn't very spectacular, just a teams tourney with the average club players (though of course a teams event in the evening pushes up the level a bit). We agreed on some 5M system, and the only real misunderstanding was after opps had opened 2♥ (both M), 2♠ from Pd (no agreement), ppp, which lead to a glorious 4-1 fit, and -150, but that didn't cost much (if at all).

We had the feeling we started well, and reached the final round, but then lost the remaining matches. To the great surprise of the whole team, we still won. Of the 4 teams in the final round, VPs were distributed 46-46-46-42, with the 46s all 1:1 against each other, and it was us who had the better carry-over from the first round. Thanks to Uschi for the good Bridge start here :)

Posted So 20 Jan 2008 20:47:14 CET Tags:

There have been several long-term wishlist bugs on Mutt to include the (in?)famous "sidebar" patch. It adds a panel on the left side of the screen to list mailboxes with message counts.

We do ship several patches with Debian's Mutt package that are not considered for inclusion by the upstream authors, but this one is different. It touches the core of the UI renderer and adds extensive counting of messages. There's been quite a hype about the patch, it was even included in the (now discontinued [1]) mutt-ng fork. Unfortunately, the patch was technically questionable, it was written for the Mutt tarballs and didn't easily apply to CVS, and most versions floating around contained lots of cruft like backup files and temporary editor files. Furthermore, it is far from bug-free and even segfaults occasionally.

Some months ago we decided we would build a second binary package to put the patch in so we don't destabilize the standard package. Thanks Dann Frazier, we got a clean patch, Adeodato had the right idea on how to build two binaries from the same, differently-patched source (make install would run havoc, the trick was to build the patched version before the regular one), and I resolved some more involved conflicts with the maildir-mtime patch.

So, finally, there it is: mutt-patched.

Disclaimer: As said, there are bugs. YMMV.

On related news, there's now also a -dbg package now for the victims of the IMAP and header cache segfaults that we still see sometimes.

Update: The sidebar patch was not the reason for the creation of mutt-ng, but many mutt-ng users were using it because of this patch.

Update 2008-01-08: [1] mutt-ng used to be a Mutt fork. It is now maintained as a patch collection for Mutt.

Posted So 06 Jan 2008 17:37:16 CET Tags:

Neujahrslektüre: Julia Franck, Die Mittagsfrau

Sonst habe ich in den letzten Monaten eher wenig gelesen außer der taz:

  • Clyde Love: Bridge Squeezes Complete (die ersten Kapitel, bin noch am Verdauen)
  • Mollo, Gardener: Spieltechnik im Bridge
  • Silvia Hagen: IPv6 Essentials
  • Bruce Schneier: Secrets & Lies (1. Kapitel, fand ich nicht so toll)
Posted Mi 02 Jan 2008 00:43:40 CET Tags:

While wondering how kick messages look on the client side and if they are actually visible in the sense of not being cluttered with other crap around, here's one way how not to test this:

23:56 [testnet] !larich Myon is setting God mode
23:56 [testnet] !larich Myon is using God mode: to evade KICK from Myon: #test Myon boo
Posted Mi 02 Jan 2008 00:33:57 CET Tags: