Following a mail from Becky Young I've updated's URL and added about a dozen links to their individual blog feeds. The subscription list on has some 50 entries now. If your bridge (or bridge-related) blog is not included here, please drop me a mail. I've added their Mastering Bridge Blog for beginners, and Thomas Andrews' deal release blog, I hope the technical content doesn't disturb the otherwise "human" blogs too much.

On real-life bridge notes, I played my first German nationals last weekend. We finished 61st out of 94 pairs with 47.65% - could have been better, but given the number of tricks I wasted with bad defense, I'm not really unhappy. Smirnov - Piekarek won the first two sets by a comfortable margin, but 60.1% in the third set weren't enough as Elinescu - Wladow scored 73.1% there and finished first with 66.05%.

As 90 boards in two days aren't enough, we spent Sunday evening with another 32 boards to finish this year's round of league games. Our team did win all matches (this one 19:11 VP), but we are still only second in the overall scores.