After a bit over half a year of having moved, I finally took the opportunity to play real-life Bridge here. Thanks to BBO, a partner was found surprisingly fast, and even we knew each other from the juniors bridge camp at Rieneck, but we were unsure who actually the other one was from the folks there. So, the evening started with a friendly "Oh, you are Christoph :)" at the entrance.

Bridge-wise the event wasn't very spectacular, just a teams tourney with the average club players (though of course a teams event in the evening pushes up the level a bit). We agreed on some 5M system, and the only real misunderstanding was after opps had opened 2♥ (both M), 2♠ from Pd (no agreement), ppp, which lead to a glorious 4-1 fit, and -150, but that didn't cost much (if at all).

We had the feeling we started well, and reached the final round, but then lost the remaining matches. To the great surprise of the whole team, we still won. Of the 4 teams in the final round, VPs were distributed 46-46-46-42, with the 46s all 1:1 against each other, and it was us who had the better carry-over from the first round. Thanks to Uschi for the good Bridge start here :)