When my brother and I arrived at the LinuxTag site on Tuesday evening, the booth was already half way set up and they were waiting for the remaining parts to arrive. Most had already had dinner, so those few who hadn't yet left for Gigi's restaurant (who can be said to be a Debian fan, since he remembers the "swirl" guys from last year). When we returned, the vitrine was set up too :-)

During the last Debian events, we had always maintained a tick list for "when will Sarge arrive?" questions. Fact was, that this was also the most common question on Wednesday, since the DVDs created for the LinuxTag didn't arrive like promised and we had to tell people to come back later.

Today was Debian Day I with talks by Joey on Debian security, Luk on i18n/l10n, Goswin on the Debian archive structure, Martin on volatile, Meike on debian-women, and Enrico on custom Debian distributions. Most of the talks were quite nice to hear and well organised. I took some pictures of the booth and the talks. (Sorry, not yet renamed/rotated/pruned.)

[Update 2005-06-24: Goswins talk was on the Debian archive structure, new pictures added, pictures rotated.]