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23. Juni 2005

01-Booth 02-Booth 03-formorer Alfie 04-Booth 05-Ganneff RoRo formorer Alfie 06- rene  nomeata HE 07-Wolfgang zobel mrvn 08-HE RoRo formorer 09-h01ger RoRo formorer Ganneff 12-Tolimar 13-alphascorpii 14-alphascorpii 15-alphascorpii 16-Alfie Fernanda 17-Alfie Fernanda 19-enrico 20-enrico 22-enrico 23-youam alphascorpii 24-panthera 27-djpig Alfie RoRo 28-Myon 29-Matthias 30-RoRo 32-mrvn 33-youam 34-Thomas 39-noel 40-youam 41-RoRo 43-nomeata 44-panthera luk 45-Matthias 52-Thomas 55-Preparing the quizshow: zobel djpig HE Tolimar 56-Etch A Sketch with a swirl by Myon 57-djpig at work 58-Matthias Johannes 59-Crowd 60-zobel HE 62 63-HE daniels 67-enrico Yuwei Lin 68-Ganneff alphascorpii 69- rene  youam Ganneff 70-Ganneff panthera alphascorpii 73-Quizshow 76-How many signatures does Peter Palfrader have on his primary key 25-enrico 11-alphascorpii 61-formorer 74-Bring the following list of Debian releases in the right order 75-The quiz master 66-nomeata 48-mrvn 26-formorer Hoch zu LinuxTag
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