KeyID D6853870 57DEA9A3 Uli Martens <>

Note: Key signature counts and lists are from a pruned list that only
includes keys with signatures other than their own.

Signatures to this key:
  C09E1D89 95930EDE Axel Beckert (no legal relevance) <>
  18A0CC8D 5706A4B4 Simon Richter <>
  2A58CEAA 52698E9F Uli Martens <>
Total: 3 signatures to this id from this set

Signatures from this key:
Total: 0 signatures from this id to this set

This key is not in the strong set.
Mean distance to this key from strong set:   2.4000

Breakout by hop count (only from strong set):
 0 hops:     0
 1 hops:     3
 2 hops:    31
 3 hops:    25
 4 hops:     1

Farthest keys (4 hops):
  0AA04571 D03E3E70 René Engelhard