Schmittberg Convention
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Schmittberg is a game-forcing major suit raise, similar to the Jacoby 2NT and Stenberg conventions. It was devised by Thomas Schmitt (after whom we named the convention) in 2005 after we found the (Stenberg-like) scheme we were playing before to be rather clumsy - we either got to know opener's strength, or shortnesses, but not both, and in the most frequent "minimum" rebid case, the opponents got to know opener's hand even if we signed off in game. Schmittberg allows all of that - all minimum hands have a single rebid, and responder gets to know strength and any singleton/void when interested.


After 1M (in a 5M system), 2NT shows 4+ (sometimes 3 good) card support and forces to game in that major. Opener's hand is in one of 3 strength ranges:
  • minimum (11-14 bad HCP) - opener bids 3,
  • medium (14 good-16) - opener describes hand directly,
  • maximum (17+) - opener bids 3.
After 3 and 3, responder's step bid (3-3, 3-3) asks for further information. When asked, or in the medium range, opener uses the following bids:
  • 3M: no shortness (after 3 rebid: 4=17-18, 4=19+),
  • 3oM1: any void (after 3 rebid: always 3),
  • 3NT: oM singleton,
  • 4, 4: singleton.
1 other major

After the 3 and 3 rebids, responder may also choose to describe his hand instead of asking opener, again using the same bids as above. Later on, all bids are cuebids, 4NT is RKC Blackwood.

Mnemonics: The 3oM/3NT rebids fit well in our system, we play 1M-3oM as "any void" splinter and 1M-3NT as "oM single" splinter. 4/4 are easy to remember as well. The rebids after 3-3 are shuffled around because of lacking space - it is not hard though to recall the meaning at the table if you remember the continuations after 3.


1M2NTSchmittberg - game force in M
medium hands:
3Mno shortness
3oMany void
3NToM singleton
4 singleton
4 singleton
minimum hands:
3any minimum
3asks - see above
4Mto play :)
anyshows - see above
maximum hands:
3any maximum
4!no shortness, 17-18 HCP
4!no shortness, 19+ HCP
3!any void
3NToM singleton
4 singleton
4 singleton
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