We've just put the new PostgreSQL minor releases live on apt.postgresql.org. Building 5 major versions for 10 distributions produces quite a lot of stuff:

  • 25 .dsc files (source packages)
  • 745 .deb files (360 *_amd64.deb + 360 *_i386.deb + 25 *_all.deb)
  • 497 MB in *_amd64.deb files
  • 488 MB in *_i386.deb files
  • 58 MB in *_all.deb files
  • 73 MB in *.orig.tar.bz2 files
  • in total 1118 MB

Compiling took a bit more than 10 hours on a 2-cpu VM. Of course that includes running regression tests and the postgresql-common testsuite.

Note: This will be the last update published on pgapt.debian.net. Please update your sources.list entries to point to apt.postgresql.org!