From: Christoph Berg <>
To: Debian Bugs Submit <>
Subject: Bug#512072: RFH: mutt -- text-based mailreader supporting MIME, GPG, PGP and threading

Package: wnpp


the Debian Mutt package needs more maintainers.

There are almost 200 open bugs. Some of these are already forwarded upstream and might just need some triaging/poking. Some need forwarding. Some might be fixed with a trivial patch. Others are Debian specific, mostly for the extra patches we include. There's duplicates and sub-wishlist items. We are using bts-link to link to's trac, but that also needs more tweaking.

There's a new upstream version 1.5.19 pending, we need people to check which bugs still apply.

The (in?)famous mutt-patched package needs love to get the sidebar patch updated to the new version, and to get some of mutt-ng's extra gimmicks and add-ons integrated.

I've moved packaging to git since that seems to be the least scary choice nowadays:

The repository has been updated to 1.5.19. The mutt-patched build is disabled for now, as the patch doesn't apply. Testers welcome :)

If you are interested in helping out, please get in contact with me. To get started, subscribe to mutt's PTS feed. There's no extra maintainer mailinglist, mailing will work for PTS subscribers. If you prefer IRC, join #mutt on