I just finished packing up the signature collection for dedication-5.0.txt. Hopefully I didn't miss any signatures, saving about 400 attachments is tedious. Fortunately most people got the filenames right. On the down side, there were about 80 signatures that I couldn't verify because the corresponding key could not be found on the key servers. I've mailed the owners, and about 20 have uploaded their key until now.

There are 355 valid signatures. Thanks to all for such a huge participation, that's about twice the number (185) we got for dedicating Potato to Espy in 2000. (These were DD-only, though.)

Comparing to the various Debian keyrings, 207 active DDs participated, 3 former DDs, 12 Debian maintainers, and 133 other contributors.

Let's hope Lenny will be as great as Thiemo would have liked it.