Although I missed the deadline for the DC7 KSP, I just imported the keyring. First I ran gpgsigs -r ksp-dc7.txt, and then gpg --import ksp-dc7.asc. The result is scary:

gpg: Total number processed: 182
gpg:               imported: 44  (RSA: 3)
gpg:              unchanged: 117
gpg:           new user IDs: 18
gpg:            new subkeys: 1
gpg:         new signatures: 64

In other words, there are about 18 people who have added a a UID, but not sent it to a keyserver. One key wasn't even there. This includes a fair number of people whom I usually trust to handle such things more carefully. Please consider running gpg --send :)

Update: On a closer look, at least one of the "new user IDs" was already present on Maybe my gpg was just to stupid to handle its own keyrings. (The missing key was really not there, I've uploaded it in the meantime.)