To also announce it here, I've moved to Mönchengladbach to work at credativ, along with several other DDs, Postgresql, and other open source folks. So far work has been pretty cool, and I'm fairly sure it will stay that way.

I've been mostly inactive lately because I didn't have internet access at home yet. In fact, I officially still don't, but my provider is so "nice" to let me connect to the DSL line, login in, and then tell me via http that username/password were wrong. But, at this point, port 53/udp is open :) Ganneff was so kind to set up an openvpn gateway for me and forward 22/tcp to my server, so I can ssh, and tunnel everything else I like via that.

Sorry to my NMs for any delays lately, I hope to catch up this week.

On a different note, I'm playing with ikiwiki and converting my blog, so please excuse if that causes flooding on (which I of course hope to avoid by keeping the old timestamps, mmmv).