I finally decided I needed a printer at home. Of course it had to be a laser. When asked about Linux compatibility, the guys at the local store said "uhmmm... Brother... maybe". They pointed me at some printer on special offer, a Brother HL-2030 for 110€. Naturally the box didn't say anything about Linux, but I was promised I could return it if it didn't work (unless I unpacked the toner cartridge, whatever).

Back at home, I just had to install cupsys, cupsys-client, foomatic-db-engine and foomatic-db (using etch), fetch the HL-2060 (sic) ppd from linuxprinting.org, do some clicks in the CUPS web interface and everything worked out of the box. Setting the resolution to 1200x600 gave weird results though, so I'm doing with 600x600 now.