The flight to Mexico last Saturday went pretty much all ok, except that the plane had to start through at MEX because of some unexpected wind and the generally low air pressure at high altitudes. While this delayed the landing for about 20 minutes, I had the opportunity for a second look at this incredibly large city. After getting through customs, we (with Herman, Tore, and Annabelle) met Neil McGovern in the airport lounge, and after Marcella and Luciano had arrived, we had a rather bumpy ride to Oaxtepec, amounting to a 20h journey for me.

The site here is really beautiful, with lots of green, palms, other plants, and of the swimming pool. However, so far Debcamp has been rather unproductive, we haven't had net access until Monday evening, and even yesterday round trip times and packet loss were so high that neither ssh (IRC!) nor scp/ftp/http were really usable. Using irssi's proxy module allowed me to get rid of the lag locally for IRC, but the connection was still unstable. I wrote some patches which I have yet to submit and replied to most of my NM mail, but the next projects will all require access to the BTS and machines to be worked on. At the moment, network is down again because the antenna connecting us from the village fell down. The main activity for me so far has ben to play Mao with Jesus, Adeodato, Marga, Graham, Gerfried, and others :-)

Todo: get some real work done; upload pictures; go to the pool.

Ah... network just went up again, yet still slow... mail queue flushed... network down again...