A few days ago on BBO, sitting North and E-W vulnerable, I hold ♠AKJ2 ♥QJ862 ♦3 ♣642. Partner passes and West opens 1♦. Now I don't like to double with 5-4 in the majors, but this hand looks right for it. East redoubles, and my partner bids 1NT. At point I thought "50 points at the table". West and myself pass, and East doubles. We are at 60 points. South passes, and now East bids 2NT himself, doubled by South (70 points), and again redoubled by East (more points).


After the dust settles, I lead the ♥6, won by South with the 7(!). South returns a ♠ to my J, I cash ♠AK, play the ♥2 to dummy's K and partner's A. Partner cashes the ♣A and returns another ♥. I cash another 2 rounds of ♥. Now West claims the rest of the tricks for -2200, 4 down.


I don't claim that this was good bridge from either side, but how often do you get +2200?