Random list of things that happened:

  • the day before, Werner Koch gave a talk on GnuPG
  • gpg --list-keys has a short equivalent (gpg -k), it's just not documented
  • I became an AM
  • I got my first applicant
  • entering an "appointment" in my new mobile phone does not make it ring at that time. Use "alarm" if you want to get woken up.
  • thanks to weasel, most of us now have fancy black light LED thingies that we will use to really check IDs at keysigning-parties
  • I uploaded a new signing-party release and at the same time, XTaran filed a new bug
  • we discussed lots of stuff:
    • ways of improving the PTS
    • ways of improving the NM process
    • ways of maintaining orphaned packages (which actually turned out to be "how can we make sponsoring easier")
    • what the QA group can to for security
    • how not to release
  • barbecue, tea, beer
  • keysigning
  • I uploaded a package for XTaran and at the same time, djpig filed a new RC bug on it
  • lack of sleep
  • meeting lots of nice people

Photos to come.

[Update 23:42 CET] Photos are online.