Yesterday evening saw the KALUG party which resulted in quite a lot of funny pictures of Debian folks. Alexander Schmehl won an "Etch prerelease". Later during the night, for what was declared the official German Sarge release party, Martin Zobel-Helas and Alexander Schmehl had prepared a Debian quiz show. People from the audience were "elected" to answer questions ranging from "bring sarge/slink/hamm/rex in the right order" to "how many signatures does Peter Palfrader have on his primary key?"

This morning, I took the level 101 LPI exam. The questions were mostly simple ("name a command that lists all PCI devices"), but some were outdated (USB on Linux 2.2) or wrong (the command "export set DISPLAY=:0.1" does not really make sense). The results will only be available in a few weeks, but I'm sure I passed even without any training before.

Next thing to happen: the social event.