Yesterday evening we arrived in Luxembourg. It is a really beautiful city with lots of bridges and old castle-like buildings. The youth hostel there has a friendly staff and can really be recommended.

This morning we arrived a the site and set up the Debian booth. We brought several boxes along, but didn't set up all yet since so far Alex and me are the only staff personnel yet. Just opposite is the booth, and some guys from quintessenz are just setting up their's. So far, I haven't really spotted one thing: visitors. It looks like all people here are either exhibitors or staff. Maybe the others are all hiding in the IPv6 tutorial...

In the meantime, I'm upgrading my old alpha box that suffered from random memory failures when I tried last. It looks like disassembling the case and cleaning all contacts helped. The harddisk is only 500MB, so I probably won't be able to upgrade to XFree 4 and Firefox, not to mention that it's still running a 2.2 kernel from 1999. It's still a nice ssh terminal, maybe also for XDMCP.

While writing this, some visitors are dropping in, but still not that much that we wouldn't have time for reducing mail backlog and IRCing.