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Everything You Need To Get Your Release Out

New Item: Freeze
Keep your release fresh with a nice freeze
Our price: 15€/$19.50
New Item: X
Nobody knows exactly what a new X is good for, but users want it. Get it here!
Our price: 99€/$128
New Item: Bleeding Edge
Upgrade your release to the latest stuff
Our price: 12.99€/$16.88
New Item: Library
Libraries are the core of every release. Get yours here.
Our price: 349€/$453
New Item: Benchmark
Your release is the finest out there. Prove it!
Our price: 5€/$6.50
New Item: User Manual
Get to know everything about your users
Our price: 35€/$45.50
Bug Swatter
Squash those annoying bugs out of your release
Our price: 2.99€/$3.88
Vancouver City Map
Find your way through the s3cr3t home of the release
Our price: 3.99€/$5.18
Build Daemon
Get someone to do the porting work for you
Our price: 899€/$1168
Note: the "arm" variant is currently out of stock.
Security Infrastructure
Secure your release and scare those script kidzz away
Our price: 1450€/$1885
Need more packages? We have them in stock!
Our price: 45€/$58.50
Canned Responses
Don't waste time by writing email. These pre-canned texts answer everything.
Our price: 0.50€/$0.65 each
Buy "WIR":
Buy "RSN":
Buy "TINC":
64 Bit Support
Get enough bits to release any architecture you want
Our price: 0.89€/$1.15 per bit
Buy: bits
Hint: Buy 128 for the REAL next generation hardware
BTS Tags
Tag your bugs with even more fancy tags now
Our price: 0.25€/$0.32 each
This special mirror globe will solve your mirroring problems worldwide
Our price: 799€/$1038 per TB
Buy: TB
Backup Space
Virtually unlimited backup space for every disaster to happen
Our price: 569€/$739 per TB
Buy: TB
Queues are essential in every part of the release process
Our price: 59€/$76
Buy: "NEW"
Buy: "NM"
Buy: "Buildd"
Release Managers
You know it. Under the hood, every release is managed by women.
Our price: priceless
Depends on enough pythons available. Ask your nearby zoo.
Additional Services
Old Architecture Scrapping
Have architectures to get rid of? We scrap them your you.
Our price: 350€/$455
Scrap: architectures
Return of Old Releases
We take your old release back for recycling. The environment will thank you!
Our refund: 0.02€/$0.02 per release
Return: releases