Debian Booth at Linux Kongress 2003
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The Linux Kongress 2003 takes place at the Mathematics department at Saarland University. There will be a Debian booth run by the Unix-AG Saarbrücken and others, and this page is there to coordinate it. On Tuesday, 14th October there will be tutorials, and the main program and the exhibition will take place on Wednesday and Thursday. People helping out at the Debian booth will have free access to the event (uw.msg).

The booth will be fully staffed on Wed and Thu, and partially on Tue (depending on man power).

People participating so far:
Andreas Steinel (as)
Arne Wichmann (aw)
Axel Beckert (ab)
Christoph Berg (cb)
Constantin Hellweg (ch)
Dalibor Topic (dt)
Gregor Schaffrath (gs)
Marko Jung (mj)
Martin Wanke (mw)
Thomas Lange (tl)

Yet-to-be-filled staff list:
Tuesday, 14th October 12-18h asawcbgsmw(14-17)x11y
Wednesday, 15th October 9-18h asawab(12-)cbgsmw(15-18)x11y
Social event asawabcbdtgsx11y
Thursday, 16th October 9-17h asawcbdtgsmw(14-16)
Note: at this point I'll list people for the whole day, although we'll have several shifts later.

Hardware will be provided by:
Debian posters/flyers: joey (thanks aw)
additional flyers: mj?
ethernet equipment, power cords (aw)
computers + monitors (aw)
Woody CDs: aw -> tolimar

FAI poster + 2 machines: tl,ch

We need:
where will the booth be?
extra table for FAI

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